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Sound Doctrine Talk Radio Broadcast

A Radio Show That Lays Biblical Foundation, Teaches Biblical Principles, and Reveals Practical Application For Life's Most Challenging Circumstances

Join Bishop Ronald and Pastor Chara Taylor as they give you an in-depth look into scripture and show you how to apply them to your circumstance to give you success, peace, and confidence!

Topics range from understanding what sound doctrine is, does God actually exist, relationship versus religion, to more practical topics like how to reconcile in marriage, how to avoid temptation, how to handle marital issues - finances, parenting, infidelity, health obstacles Sound Doctrine Radio Talk Show is passionate about helping you understand biblical truth and applying those truths to your life to help you live and enjoy healthy relationships with you and God, and with you and others. 

Join us on Friday's at 5:30pm on FaithTalk Radio on 1360AM or online at

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Sound Doctrine Podcast Episodes

Sound Doctrine 

Understanding Sound Doctrine

Do you have difficulty understand "the Church" or understanding what you read in the bible?

Have you ever wondered what it the "right doctrine" with all the various doctrines out here?

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of the Christian church?

This podcast answers these questions and gives you a greater understanding of Sound Doctrine by laying a biblical foundation and overview.  Click on the link to listen, learn, and get tools to live by:

Sound Doctrine

Difference between Religion of Man & Religion of God

This podcast breaks down the position and purpose of religion. By the end of this podcast you will understand why you cannot separate religion from relationship when it comes to God. You will see how to approach and enjoy religion and relationship with God.

Click on the link to listen, learn, and be empowered in your relationship with God.

Sound Doctrine

Speaking The Truth Without Fear

Do you allow the opinions of critics or naysayers to intimidate you into silence?

Are you often concerned with what others say about you?

Do you focus more on what you cannot do, rather than what you can do?

Do you know you are capable of doing more than what you're putting out yet you are stuck in cycle of failure?

This podcast reveals 5 truths on how truth stagnates our purpose, destiny, relationships, and life. Click on the link to learn how to move forward in your life without fear.

Sound Doctrine

Understanding the Difference Between Grace & Mercy

Have you ever wondered why you don't receive all the consequences or punishments you deserve from your less-than-perfect behavior? Listen to this powerful podcast that reveals God's awesome gifts of grace and mercy. You will learn how to access the grace and mercy of God. You will yield your heart to God as you understand His unyielding love for you!

Click on the link below to listen, learn, and live in the cross saving grace and mercy of God.

Sound Doctrine

Identifying Temptation Part 1 ~ Are You Being Tempted?

Do you know or identify when you're being tempted?

Are you exempt from temptation?

When does temptation become sin?

When are we tempted most and how to recognize it and not give in to it?

This transparent, powerful, and authentic podcast looks into the definitions of temptation and shows you how to identify when you're being tempted. Additionally, we discuss how to defeat sin and temptation. Click the link below to listen, learn, and live a life where you will not yield or give into daily temptations.


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June 16


Temptation Pt 2 - Steps to Overcome Temptation

Differences between how men and women are tempted.

Overcoming temptation in marriage.

This transparent podcast gives you a look into how temptation affects men and women individually and how temptation is a pitfall for marriages. Click the link to listen, learn, and live an overcoming life!

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June 23


The Impact Rejection Has on Your Life ~ Negative and Positive

This transparent and powerful podcast digs into the topic of rejection and the impact that rejection has on your life. This podcast cast will reveal the differences between healthy rejection and unhealthy rejection (the spirit of rejection). Click the link to learn which one you face and how to move beyond the hurt of rejection. 

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June 30


Ways to Overcome Rejection & the Fear of Rejection

This powerful podcast discusses ways to overcome the feelings and hurt of being rejected. You will be empowered to shift your focus from earning peoples approval to praising God, learning to understand and accept your identity in Christ. 

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July 7,


How Do I Reconcile with Those Who Have Hurt Me?

This powerful podcast discusses reconciling with someone who has hurt you. You will hear practical tips and tools to help you recognize the need for reconciliation and steps to take to get to a place of friendship again with a loved one.  Enjoy and be blessed!

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July 14,


Reconciliation in Marriage

We give you a transparent look into some of the hardships and hurts we endured in our marriage, and we give you some practical tips/tools how to reconcile in your marriage, and how to get your marriage back to a place of friendship and fun.

If you'd like to know what marriage has looked like for Team Taylor, why Team Taylor fight so hard, and how you can bring your marriage back to a place of fun, friendship, affection, and spiciness listen to the podcast 

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Juyly 21, 


Steps to Reconcile in Marriage & Other Relationships

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? Listen to these steps to help you move beyond just being right in marriage and other relationships. 

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