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Team Taylor Ministries (Ronald & Chara Taylor)

Loving the Imperfect Man

Loving the Imperfect Man empowers women to love men according to Ephesians 5 - as unto the Lord. This love requires a biblical submission and reverence based on who the man is and not his actions. Loving the Imperfect Man is a great reminder of Christ's love for us - in our own imperfection.

Shining Through the Process of Purpose

Shining Through the Process of Purpose explores avenues to get through life's difficulties with personal reflection from Chara's own turbulent life. From sexual abuse to infertility; Chara shares practical and biblical application points to help you shine through the process and embrace your purpose.

Awaken Love

Awaken Love debunks false marriage myths and empowers married couples to embrace and enjoy the benefits of marriage. Awaken Love challenges Christian believers to have fun in marriage. Ronald and Chara believe and prove you can have a hot and holy marriage. Allow this book to help awaken the love in your marriage.

They Shall Know You by Your Fruit

They Shall Know You by Your Fruit cultivates the Fruit of the Spirit in your life by empowering you to live like Christ. Overcome the challenges in your life by modeling Jesus. Walk with Chara as she gives you the tools to have a life that overflows with Christ-like fruit.

Devotional: The Fruit of the Spirit

This 45-Day devotional is a journey to abundant living through Christ-like Character. Take your life to the next level by following the Holy Spirit's guide in your day to day living.

Team Taylor's Services

Services Taylor'd 2 Meet Your Needs 

Virtual One on One 

Life & Spiritual Mentoring 


6 months


Payment plans optional

1 hr weekly session


Planning - gifts, talents, jobs

Biblical & Spiritual Empowerment

One on One Mentoring

Virtual Marriage Coaching


Per Session


1 hr weekly sessions


Bedroom Tips

Finding Root Issue

Biblical & Spiritual Empowerment 

Relationship Coaching In Person

Virtual Pre-Marriage Coaching


Per Session


1 hour weekly session


Bedroom Tips

Finding Root Issue

Biblical & Spiritual Empowerment

Relationship Coaching Virtual

Marriage & Funeral Services


Per Day

Love Offering Accepted

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Counsel & Services

Planning & arrangements

No Official Charge - Love Offering Accepted

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