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Ronald and Chara Taylor

Team Taylor Ministries

G.E.M.S. Homeschool Group

GEMS HOMESCHOOL FITNESS GROUP is a group for homeschool children to gather virtually for socialization! 

Join us in the movement to empower, equip, and encourage children to become and remain healthy! This group is more than a group. It is a social movement for homeschool children who love Jesus to gather virtually on Zoom for social interactions, meet friends, exercise, share healthy meals / recipes, talk about Jesus, and their favorite subjects, and pray together without fear or shame.

GOAL: Homeschool children to have social interaction and fitness accountability at the same time.


What are we doing? - Establishing a social network for children: to promote healthiness and weight loss in children and creating an environment that is Jesus friendly for our children. 

Is your family a homeschool family? Are you looking for ways to connect with other homeschool families? Are you open to virtual connections with families in different states? Would you like for your child/children to connect with families that love God? Could your child/children benefit from exercising with other children?

This homeschool group is created and designed with you and your family in mind. 

Currently we are a group for children ages 8 years - 12 years. 

Children will gather virtually weekly on zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and every 1st and 3rd Saturday

Children will pray, exercise (to an active activity together), get to know each other.

On Saturdays they will be led in a group project, activity, or craft. We will allow children to showcase their talents by leading the group. 

If you are interested in joining this social movement for homeschool children, please complete the registration form:

Register Here

Upcoming Informational Meeting

If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss the group and joining, please contact us at the following link:  

Click Here to Email us

Homeschool Journey

We have been homeschooling our son for 4 years. It's been most rewarding in many ways for our family. Our son is an only child at home, he's very social but doesn't get much interaction with other children. We have created this group with him and other homeschool families in mind. We think it is a wonderful opportunity for our son to connect with other children who learn in a home environment like him. Our homeschool structure is considered structured unschooling and this works perfect for our family. We will post pictures of our homeschool journey for others to follow. We are a family who loves Jesus. As parents, we are both church leaders and business owners. We are not seeking to lead others to join our ministries. However, you are more than welcome. 

Why Virtual? 

We have chosen virtual for several reasons. One, the world is not as safe as it can be just yet with the ongoing pandemic. We are OK with waiting a little longer for there to be a handle on this pandemic. Two, we think it is important for our son to meet people in different states and locations. This will help him learn more about states, cultures, diversities, etc. Finally, three, we don't want to limit his learning and connecting opportunities to local only when we access to global connections through technology. 


Safety is our top priority! The only families who will have access to our online meetings are those who are invited, who have completed an application with us. Passwords are only given to approved families. WE are asking and requiring that the password for group session not be shared with anyone else. If we learn that access has been given to others not approved to participate, we will remove the family who shared the information and change log in information going forward.   We will not post pictures of the children in their group time together. 

This group will be ongoing! We anticipate a growth and decline depending on seasons. However, we will meet from January to December with weeks off for Christmas.