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Living Life with Joy Blog

Helping You to Experience the Fullness of Joy in Everyday Life

Chara Taylor - I Do Cry

Yesterday, a lady told me she finds me "very irritating" because I'm always happy and always positive... She continued and asked , "do you ever have a bad day!?"... Wow... I'm just floored at all the opportunities I'm getting to share Jesus lately!!!

After I explained that I do have a bad day periodically but I don't have bad DAYS, I don't have bad weeks, I don't have bad months, I don't have a bad life. I cry like others, I just don't stay there. I have a Savior, Jesus Christ, Whom I cast all my cares upon.

I don't think most people know that my name, Chara, is the Greek word for JOY and therefore discouragement, disappointment, hurt, and frustration seek me out, but because it is in Christ that I live, move, and have my being, everything unlike Christ can't stay with me. The joy of the Lord is my strength and I run to the Father often.

I bless God for the joy He has given me! I bless God for the smile He uses to brighten up people's days!

People of God please remember to cast your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you.

#idocry #butiworship #praiseismyweapon

Ephesians 5 Wives - A Season of Quiet

It's the beginning of 2018 and many wives make a commitment to be better wives, see their marriage healthy, fall in love all over again with their husband. These goals are wonderful; just keep in mind you will need divine help to accomplish your marriage goals. Unfortunately, there is a real enemy that hates covenant relationships. There is a real enemy who is set on killing, stealing, and destroying your marriage. In this season, God is asking some of us wives to be still and know He is God. He is asking some women to set a guard upon your lips. God wants to use your Christ-like behavior, not your words, to make  a difference in your marriage. You can see a miraculous change in your marriage, if you humble yourself and submit to divine instructions of quietness and stillness. This does not mean you don't have a voice, it means your actions are your voice. 

When Chasing Money Causes Identity Loss

2019 has been a tidal wave year for me. Things have happened unexpectedly, caught me off guard, and knocked me know. However, I continued to push through it all. This year put a financial strain on my family and caused me to seek and search for ways to get more money. Truth is, up until this year, I was never a money chaser. I used to live by the give and receive principle. However, with money being extremely tight, bills piling up, and increased debt, I began to seek ways to obtain money beyond giving. Don’t get me wrong, everything I attempted was legal – but I tried different MLM companies, interviewed at tons of companies that offered higher pay, sold items from our home, created seminars and classes to teach, etc. All this money chasing taught me a huge and valuable lesson.

Here is the lesson I learned about chasing money. If you chase money (or any other wordly resource) you stand a great chance of losing or compromising your identity.

I was working part-time at a little shop in a hotel, making very little money, spending lots of time away from my husband and son. In debt up to our ears, I began seeking different better paying jobs. There’s no harm in seeking better unleass you have heard from God about staying at a place for a specific season.

Well, I received a call about a position that sounded perfect. It was offering better pay, it was closer to home, it was part-time with day hours and weekends off. A part of my flesh was excited but my spirit was troubled. I continued on with the process, even after praying and feeling troubled. I proceeded to the early morning interview. As I was waiting on the elevator, I heard a small but strong voice say “I didn’t call you to what’s easy, I called you to purpose.” My heart told me to get off the elevator and go home but my flesh didn’t want to disappoint my husband, so I proceeded. The interview was weird and very uncomfortable. I gave them what they asked for (my identification) and they made copies. I sat waiting to complete paperwork, like I-9 forms, etc.; however, no paperwork was given to me. Instead, I was informed they would send them to me via email by 12pm noon. After the “interview” I sat in my car pondering and confused; then I realized I had just been scammed and I’d willingly given up my identity (ID and SSN) to get a few extra dollars.

I was chasing money and lost my identity. Because I wanted a few extra dollars, I put myself in a battle to protect and get back what was rightfully mine. I had to go through several processes of locking my credit, locking my driver’s license, alerting banks, filing reports with police, FTC, Attorney General’s Office, and the FBI.

I called the company back the same day with no success which further confirmed I had been scammed and I gave up who I am for a chance at money. After I repented to God and asked Him to forgive me for not trusting His plan and His system, but even more for not being obedient to what I discerned before going; I recommitted to following what I’d followed for years – tithing and giving. I realized I was in so much debt because I was leaving myself open to the devourer by not tithing. Being devoured by the enemy will cause you to chase money and other wordly material resources, it will cause you to trust in jobs, careers, and people as the source when they are only the resource. God is the Source and He will not share His glory with anyone or anything.

I learned a hard natural lesson and it’s difficult being concerned about my personal identification being used by anyone, but I learned an even more valuable lesson. Spiritually, we find ourselves out of God’s will when we chase for things of the world like celebrity status, recognition, rewards, exaltation, millions, large crowds, big homes, name brands, etc., in doing so we forsake our spiritual identity, we lose ourselves in stuff then wonder why we feel so disconnected from the Father. We must earn that our identity is found in and rooted in Christ not things, titles, or positions. We know we’ve lost our identity when our joy or significance is related to what we do and what we have. There’s nothing wrong with having nice things or millions, the problem comes when we chase these things.

Naturally, if you’ve lost your identity due to scams or identity theft, please contact local and government authorities, they will help! Spiritually if you’ve compromised or lost your identity, here are some things for your to do:


Renew Your Mind (determine you will follow God’s way, not man’s way)

Recommit Your Heart to God

Rededicate Your Time to God

Release Everyone and Everything (that’s causing you to chase money)

Restart what you were doing before you lost your identity

Rewrite your spiritual vision plan

Remember & Recite Scripture that focus on Jesus and His Promises

Revive yourself with worship and praise

Don’t lose your identity chasing after money, prestige, power, or fame. Your worth, identity and significance are not found in things, they are rooted in God, the Creator of your existence.

God Bless & Live Life With Joy!