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Living Life with Joy Blog

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Chara Taylor - I Do Cry

Yesterday, a lady told me she finds me "very irritating" because I'm always happy and always positive... She continued and asked , "do you ever have a bad day!?"... Wow... I'm just floored at all the opportunities I'm getting to share Jesus lately!!!

After I explained that I do have a bad day periodically but I don't have bad DAYS, I don't have bad weeks, I don't have bad months, I don't have a bad life. I cry like others, I just don't stay there. I have a Savior, Jesus Christ, Whom I cast all my cares upon.

I don't think most people know that my name, Chara, is the Greek word for JOY and therefore discouragement, disappointment, hurt, and frustration seek me out, but because it is in Christ that I live, move, and have my being, everything unlike Christ can't stay with me. The joy of the Lord is my strength and I run to the Father often.

I bless God for the joy He has given me! I bless God for the smile He uses to brighten up people's days!

People of God please remember to cast your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you.

#idocry #butiworship #praiseismyweapon

Ephesians 5 Wives - A Season of Quiet

It's the beginning of 2018 and many wives make a commitment to be better wives, see their marriage healthy, fall in love all over again with their husband. These goals are wonderful; just keep in mind you will need divine help to accomplish your marriage goals. Unfortunately, there is a real enemy that hates covenant relationships. There is a real enemy who is set on killing, stealing, and destroying your marriage. In this season, God is asking some of us wives to be still and know He is God. He is asking some women to set a guard upon your lips. God wants to use your Christ-like behavior, not your words, to make  a difference in your marriage. You can see a miraculous change in your marriage, if you humble yourself and submit to divine instructions of quietness and stillness. This does not mean you don't have a voice, it means your actions are your voice.