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Awaken Love Marriage Ministry 

~Tools to Keep Your Marriage Hot & Holy~

Awaken Love Marriage Ministry is the core of our ministry! We aim to help couples walk in agreement and live in unity with Jesus as the third stand cord to keep the marriage together! We believe that what God has joined together, no man (and no thing) shall separate! We believe strong marriages are foundation to a strong family and a healthy community. 

We offer marriage counseling, pre-marriage counseling courses, tips and tools to help keep the marriage fun and alive, books, resources, and a monthly date night gathering to help couples fellowship with others and connect with one another! 

Jesus is using Awaken Love Marriage Ministry to resurrect marriages, restore hope and love in marriages, and to awaken love that has been lying dormant due to hurt, trials, and life circumstaces. We believe that like Jesus resurrected and conquered death, He will resurrect and conquer the dead state of a marriage. There is hope! Join Awaken Love Marriage Ministry. 

Awaken Love Marriage Counseling

Bishop Ronald and Pastor Chara provide in depth, caring, and restoring marriage counsel to couples. Those who use the tools see a significant turn around in their marriage.  92% of couples who go through Awaken Love Marriage Counsel report their marriage was changed. 79% remain married thus we have seen a decline in divorce. 

Contact us today to schedule one free consultation. Sessions are affordable with payment options. 

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Keep It Hot & Holy Bedroom Tips & Tools with Pure Romance Bedroom Accessories

According to Hebrews 13:4, the marriage bed is to be kept pure between a husband and wife.  Awaken Love Marriage Ministry stands behind this belief and we follow one good rule of thumb - if husband and wife agree on something both enjoy and it doesn't cross the lines of sexual immorality according to scripture, then the couple can freely engage. However, if one spouse does not enjoy a certain act, if acts are biblically immoral then the couple should not partake. 

We believe it's OK to add fun to the bedroom, and the key to keeping it hot and holy is to try new things. 

Awaken Love is here to discreetly help you navigate through these questions and offer you some suggestions. 

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Awaken Love Date Nights

Join us and other married couples for monthly fellowship! We gather for strategic games and activities that help us connect to our spouse and builds fun and excitement in the marriage.

Every 3rd Friday Night is couple's Date Night! 

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Pre-Marriage Counseling

Are you dating and considering marriage. Connect with the para-ministry of Awaken Love that biblically designed to help people prepare for marriage. Ephesians 5 Husbands and Wives provides counseling to dating couples on the elements of love and marriage based on Ephesians 5. This course will give you a real look into the life of marriage to help you prepare mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially! You will have couples counseling and you will get to hear from couples who are currently married. We will discuss for better or worse, in sickness and health, and 'til death do you part. 

Click here to schedule one discounted consultation. The sessions are affordable and convenient. 

Ephesians 5 Wives

Ephesians 5 Wives is a monthly gathering of women (wives and engaged). We are a sisterhood that fights for marriages! We strive to love our husbands according to Ephesians 5. We submit to God and our husbands! We pray for our husbands and families. Our empowerment gatherings are fun and powerful led by Pastor Chara Taylor. She challenges us and equips us to be wives after God's heart. We learn how to pray and war for our families.  

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Ephesians 5 Husbands

Ephesians 5 Husbands is a bi-monthly gathering of men (husbands and singles). We are a brotherhood that fights for marriages and for our rightful place in life! We strive to love our wives according to Ephesians 5. We love God and our wives! We talk about real men issues, we hold one another accountable, we honor God, and we live according to His word.  We grow as men so we can be better husbands, fathers, leaders, friends, and disciples of Christ. We pray for our wives and families. Our empowerment gatherings are fun and powerful led by Bishop Ronald Taylor. He challenges us and equips us to be men after God's heart. We discuss failure and how to get up and succeed! 

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What our customers are saying

We are so glad that Team Taylor has come to the Valley. Their ministry is much needed! I've been blessed by the ministry of Team Taylor

~Brother Mario

Awaken Love Service Prices

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Marriage Coaching / Counseling


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Discovering Root to Issues

Creating a Restoration Plan


Pre-Marriage Counseling / Coaching


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A Look Into Marriage

Create A Vision Statement & Plan


Individual Relationship Coaching


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Discovering Root Issues

Creating a Plan and Vision Board