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Awaken Love Marriage Coaching

We teach skills and strategies to help you achieve and keep your marriage hot & holy in one-on-one sessions by phone, video, or in person.

Choose between our 6 week, 8 week, or 12 sessions.

You will receive a blend of life coaching, spiritual mentoring, and strategic intervention

Awaken Love Coaching result is a comprehensive holistic and sustainable approach to awakening love.


Marriage Coaching is quicker and less invasive but more impactful than traditional counseling. You get guaranteed results from coaching. In Awaken Love Marriage Coaching you will receive the following:

Life Coaching

Goal Setting
Understand Yourself Better
Spiritual Awakening
Understand Your Spouse Better
Learn Practical Skills

Strategic Interventions

Get to the Root Issues


Work Quickly

Helps You Change Behaviors

Focus on Skills and Strategies

Expert Best Practices

Receive expert tools and tips on



Conflict Resolution

Gender Differences

Love and Affection

Results to Expect

More Affection 

Better Sex Life

Intimate Conversations

Reverence & Honor

Honesty & Openness

Kinds Word  & Admiration

All documents and forms will be emailed to you upon completion of initial consultation. Schedule your initial consultation today for a nominal fee of $20.

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